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Students of Linguistics at the University of Graz now have the opportunity to become actively involved in scientific research as part of their studies by participating in empirical work that takes place at the respective participating institutes.

Possibilities of participation:

  • Participation in linguistic experiments
  • Practical collaboration in linguistic projects

All relevant projects of the participating institutes can be found under the current participation possibilities. Participation in the relevant scientific activities can be recognized as credits. The exact information can be found under the individual projects. 


All experimental studies listed on this website have been approved by the Ethics Committee of the University of Graz. All scientific activities are subject to the strict data protection guidelines of the University of Graz. 


Modern linguistic research uses experimental methods increasingly. The aim of experimental research is to address particular questions. Such questions may include:

  • whether and how much native speakers accept a certain utterance,
  • whether a certain utterance can be used in a certain context,
  • whether certain expressions have certain meanings/readings,
  • whether certain intonation patterns are recognized by hearers

At the University of Graz, we are in the process of building up a strong experimental infrastructure. Students of all linguistic disciplines are invited to participate in these efforts and thereby learn the basic aspects of experimental linguistic research. 





Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil.

Victor Edgar Onea Gaspar

Institut für Germanistik
Phone:+43 316 380 - 2633

Tatjana Hopfer


Institut für Germanistik

Phone:+43 316 380 - 8177

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